Monday, February 10, 2014

Slow and Easy

My life is chaos. We are putting in a new bathroom (new as in from-the-ground-up -- slab, new walls, plumbing, electrical, roof).

The chaos is compounded by the state of an old (1930s) adobe house, full-time teaching, cars breaking down, kids graduating from college, aging parents, mid-life desires to escape into a fantasy of bike racing, declining mental and physical faculties. I can't see, hear, or maintain my balance.

There is more. Much more.

The temptation, and the default response, is to tighten up, panic, stress out and book a flight to Hawaii.

The harder path is to slow down, take the tasks as they come, do what needs to be done.

Easier said than done, for me anyway.

Some people handle pressure well. They thrive on it. The louder and crazier things get, the more they go to a quiet place inside, focus, and then act with explosive efficiency. I see the skiers and snowboarders doing that at the Olympics. I admire them, find inspiration in them.

So, when the chaos gets unbearable, I am going see myself in the start-house on the downhill run. I am going to find that quiet place, rehearse the turns, find my line, and then shove off into the inevitable tug of gravity.

Life is a wild ride.

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