Monday, February 9, 2015

Anti-Intellectual Politicos Want to Strip Titles From Critics

The Kansas Legislature wants to ban university or state employees from using titles such as "president," "professor," "dean," "director," "doctor," "head," "chairperson," or any other when publishing opinion pieces critical of legislators.

Supporters of Kansas House Bill 2234 apparently don't want critics to include their levels of education, responsibility, or expertise when pointing out how cuts to education, social programs, or health care cripple state progress. And they especially don't want any titles used when critics cite ways legislators accept kickbacks from lobbyists.

I guess education, and the titles that go with it, does not equip writers of op-ed pieces or columns with any more authority or knowledge than a random person on the street.

The legislators are doing a great job, too, of driving teachers away from teaching with their cuts in pay, lack of job protection, and micromanaging curriculum.

Not only do these state legislators want to dis-incentivize education by taking away the credentials that come with the work, they want to drive good teachers out of the field.

That way students won't learn enough to ask questions and those who do won't be able to lay claim to titles they have earned.

Looks to me like they want to invest in ignorance for the long haul -- not the brainiest of game plans, even to this anti-prentention, low level, no titled paper-pusher.

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