Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Invocation (A Recipe)

List of Ingredients:

A ceramic mug
Filled with black coffee
A shot of espresso diffusing into the mix
Clock not yet cracking the whip
Of work
Thoughts not yet beholden to the business
Of running the world
On time

Sacred baseball cap set
Exactly right
According to Scripture
Phone tuned to confidential signal
Moment carved and stolen
From stone

An invitation
A combination spun
A vault door that swings open


When Promise sits down across from you
A come hither
Smirk on her lips
Stir in your passion
While you can
Before she gets away

She is burnt umber
Rotting leaves
The scent of gun powder
Pheasant shit mixed with
Plucked feathers

Let the aromas fill you
Mince and ruminate

Give her back
The 31 pieces of silver
Throw in
A broach
Wrapped in gold
Warm her by your fire
Hold her
Say yes
Lose yourself
Cut fear from the edges
Discard searching

Do not ask for

Open and pour in
Run ripe memory over the grater
Unlock your mind's tool shed
Simmer things you cannot
Throw away
Any more than you can operate without

Sling words down
Into a well
They will ricochet off the stone walls
Before splashing in the cold
Subterranean sea

Saute a moment
To write
Just write
No matter who gives a good

Salt liberally the song that wafts up out of the darkness
Separate the words that don't matter
Pull out the invocation

Surround the chords with
The melancholy notes
That turn the key
Open the valve

Let the grief drain
Free now
Down a river
Of light and

Heat to boiling
Detach and

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