Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prayer of the Worker Bee

Our Energy, which art in short supply, is harnessed, if not quite tame.
Our paycheck come, along with some health insurance and other stuff, and Thy will be done (between the student learning objectives and standardized goals), on-line as it is in bricks, mortar, paper, and in-class. 
Give us this day our list of duties we have agreed to fulfill. Make the list comprehensible and not too long for the white board in my office. 

Forgive us our daydreaming, blog posts, exhaustion, confusion, and resistance to assessment instruments. We sometimes know not what we do, so help us forgive those who point fingers against us and blame us for things that we can in no way control, like whether or not a student turns in his final portfolio.

Help us to put on hold all the things we would rather be doing, and to get our courses up on the web platform. Help us to remember that we do dearly love the Word and that we came into this work for a reason.

Lead us not into distraction and deliver us from Ducey and his short-sighted austerity budgets while delivering our applications to other jobs that might better appreciate our interests and talents. 

Grant that our aversions to the tasks in front of us fade and float away like leaves in a river and that our attachments to play, fun, creativity, and expression cool enough to let us be here doing our job -- for the days on the job are more numerous than the grains of sand on all the beaches in La Jolla or Cancun.

Thine is the livelihood, the point spread, the final exam, and the relief of semester breaks. Getting up to do it again seems like forever and ever.


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