Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Knowledge of Cities

When I am away from the city and close to nature the noise in my head quiets a bit and I can see things I normally don't more clearly. It's been like that working on the house in New Mexico this summer.

When it is quiet and if I attend to the core of my desires, I find pretty basic values. I want to live in compassion and to do my work.

Now you can branch off from there into all kinds of complication. I mean, what does "living in compassion" look like? What does that mean? And what the hell is my "work?"

When life gets complicated, like it is about to in a few days, applying these core values to messy situations, like work in academia, gets confusing.

The conflicts between who I am inside and what I have to do to make a living gets pretty brutal in early August.

This transition is like tearing off my skin.

Big groups of people that are run by fear, greed, idolatry of the self, and all the other values of corporate America have little sense of compassion or wisdom.  Money rules.

And, yes, it is time to go back into the fray. I want some of the goodies that playing the game of work provides. But I also want to remember what it was like to be free, at peace, and hopeful.

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