Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Nectar bats have drained the hummingbird feeder. They are here this time of year but will migrate south soon and leave the feeder to the local hungry hummers. Most people take their feeders down after dark, or cover them with screen to keep the bats from guzzling the nectar. I take the dimmer view that they should have the goods while they are here, that they migrate for food, and will leave soon enough. The empty feeder in the morning is a small price to pay. The dry glass hanging from a steel cable reminds me of all I have lost, all I have longed for and never attained. At least the bats will have a frenzy to look back on when they again head south, over the walls that close off movement, possibility, the urge to taste the delights of this short life. I can give them that then, my bats of the hungry heart. 

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