Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Is the Month of Moths and Spiders

The moths gather on the deck around the pool, their eyes reflecting the light of my headlamp. They are thick this year, and throw themselves into the water when the pool light is on. It's off now, so they fly into the beam of my headlamp. I have to wonder why they so desire the light. The spiders too have taken over, but they are on the porch. Their eyes shine with an even greater intensity in the beam of my lamp. Some of the webs are the tough silk of black widows. Now those are ones to watch for. I see webs streaming off the ends of branches and prickly pear pads when the wind blows at sunset. The light catches the threads as they dance like banners of some arachnid clan gathering. Moths are desire. Spiders are weavers. I need them both in this fall of scribbling, this windfall of changing season, of this call to wake up.

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