Thursday, October 13, 2016

Something Happened

Then there was the day when it was all different. The familiar weight that pulled you into a despair so dark that the only option was out, lifted, and you stepped into a day you thought would never come again, much less be welcome. Behind you lay a swath of broken dreams and lies. Ahead lay... what? You had no idea. The knowing, though, that nothing was there infused you with light. What was true yesterday no longer mattered and you dug into the moment with the ferocity of a badger. You lifted the moment and tossed it into the air and it squealed with delight and you took that delight and used it to rinse the poisons from your eyes and ears. You longer cared what they thought or how you looked. All that mattered was your word and your word had roots deep in what might be. 

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