Thursday, November 17, 2016

Micro Mini Teeny Bitsy

It is small, this cup of espresso that greets me on a Thursday morning. But powerful. Like Mighty Mouse or Under Dog, two of my favorite cartoon characters from a childhood spent eating sugary breakfast cereals. It's all I can handle these days. Any more caffeine and I fairly lift into the air from the vibration. The veil between me and the other side of sanity has grown thin, and I'm not one to cross over, yet, anyway. What with a father in hospice, my own body in decline, and a heart that feels like it is breaking most any minute of the day, I can't take any more stimulation. So I have to settle for a bit less from the rich world of coffee offerings. That's not so bad, I guess. I'm learning to take more, to appreciate, in the sense of adding value, to deeply notice the sensory moments of heat, oaky bitterness, vapor, filmy bloom, from every sip. That way I come out even with less, or, maybe, a little bit ahead. A moment lived well can fill a life, can throw the switch that sends flutters through a day.

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