Thursday, November 24, 2016

Time Alone

It's dangerous to spend time alone. Alone with your thoughts, your heart, your conscience. It's dangerous to entertain the truths of your treason, your betrayals, your compromises. It's dangerous to change the course of your life, to step out of the path you have worn through dreary habit and distraction. It's dangerous and scary to deal with the pain of honesty. Too much time alone can drive you mad with clarity. Too much alone time will make sleep impossible and inaction a form of torture. The truth of your days reveals itself in these times, the ones that prepare you for your final reckoning. But the thing is, nobody but you knows it. Force of habit, being so strong, might urge you to try to forget. Such is the way of fear, of forgetting, of changing the subject -- all easy when you are no longer alone. 

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