Monday, February 29, 2016

End Game. Leap Day.

After a day spent grading papers, an open hour sits between me and heading to the next thing. It's a leap day too, rarest of combinations: free time and extra day. When I get a chance like this to take a breath, I open into reveries of what this life is all about. What do I hope to accomplish before it's all over? The short answer is that I forget. But this is the extra day, so I will slip the gears of routine and remember. For one thing, I am sure there are two worlds. One is the world of getting and taking, of winners and losers. Let's call that the fear (or Trump) world, and it is run by angry children. The other world is about giving and filling in and being. Let's call that the heart world, or the love world. Love isn't diminished if you give it away. It grows. Of course, operating from the heart world will leave one open to rip-off and exploitation by the angry, broken ones. That's one of the prices you pay for what you get in the heart realms. So, what is the end game here? It's to feel, share, imagine, and create. My work is to remember to take from these quiet reminders an image of where I am going. Now, if I can only remember that there is no place to go. If my mind gets clear, I'm already there. Now that's a cooked noodle. Good thing these days only come once every four years. Or not. As if I could get what I want by doing the same old things. 

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  1. I see a slow steady change in your writing. Freeing expanding. A shift.