Saturday, February 27, 2016

Navigation (One of Those Affirmation Things)

In the bath of noise, chaos, and distraction that is this life, it helps to find stars by which to navigate. The funny thing is that I have to put those stars up there in my little mental sky. If I don't pin joy, creativity, and responsibility for my own happiness up there in the indigo cosmos, I might never find where the hell it is I want to go. It's all terra incognita from here on out if I am honest with myself. The old rules don't apply. So I have begun to gather the necessary nuggets to throw into the furnace of star building and have lit the flame of the forge. My cannon for firing the illuminated balls of fusion is waiting. The fire will be in the hole as soon as some of the results of living a vision show up, as soon as actions begin to bear fruit, as soon as the old shit of self-imposed limitation recedes in my rear-view mirror. This life is a fragile, crazy burning verb that will eventually kill me. As the inmates say, "life is a terminal disease." I might as well enjoy every step I take in that inevitable direction, the only ordained outcome. The story of what life looks like between here and there is still waiting to be written. The only limits lay in the words that might light the way. It feels odd to take hold of the helm, to squint into the blankness, to impose on the indifference a course heretofore unimagined. I stoop and fumble, awkward at first, in the darkness, feeling for the words I might piece together, words that live on long after I am gone, words that might guide actions, themselves the destination, right here, right now. 

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