Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Desire Plus Danger

He was born wanting too much. In order to scratch that itch he ran. The miles alone going somewhere, anywhere, seemed to quiet the incessant urge for more than he could handle, digest, or comprehend. Every once in a while he caught sight of what he was chasing, but just as he did, some chasm or assailant would intrude between him and the object of his desires. One time it was a house that he had to pay for with drops of blood. Another time it was a child that cried at night. He didn't sleep for three years. Then he fell in with a woman who eluded even his most ardent attempts at contact, just contact. The very things that sapped his life gave him what he needed. He grew dependent on the chase for the sake of itself. He would never rest because thwarted desire became a coat that he wore to protect him from the prospect of peace that he feared would be too much like death. In this he had plenty of trouble and plenty of company. Desire was the tool he used to hack his way through the jungle of chaos that lay in his path, that was woven into his flesh. The only way out was to want more and more of what he could never really have, to feel the burn that made him certain he was alive, that defined him as human. 


  1. I think I just learned a little about myself...

    1. Elenita -- You are one of the very few who might understand.