Friday, December 4, 2015

Things You Give Away

Whether it is really there or not, I believe there is world beyond this one. My belief is based on intuition, a "sense" that something is there, on the other side of a veil that I can't quite penetrate or see through. But the veil is not impermeable. One can, with some effort, affect its health, touch it in thought and dream. In that way, it is "real," maybe more real than this world of form and matter. You might call that world "spirit" or maybe even "soul." It is a kind of parallel universe. Quantum physics maintains that are many parallel universes, that particles, in some ways, are "connected" across astronomical distances. The prospects of this connection can cook anyone's noodle. This other world thrives on subtle intangibles, like generosity, kindness, and surrender: high frequency energy. Actions taken here can affect the world there. Here is an image: everything that you give away to someone who needs it places a brick in the wall of your karmic palace on the other side. The gift, however, works best if you have no investment in a self-serving outcome. This is not a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" arrangement. If you can give the gift away in secret, so much the better. There is a big-picture self-interest benefit though. You just don't get to enjoy it so much in this life. When you pass into that other world, you will have a place to live, based on how you lived here and now. And if none of this is true, well, your reward is freedom from clinging, and that ain't half bad.

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