Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Too Much

Adam rejected his second wife because he saw God make her, or so they say.

He stared in amazement as God pulled elements out of the earth and assembled them into bones from the ground up. God started with a rough idea of her build and then fleshed out what he thought would be an irresistible mate for horny Adam. God made her tarsals and meta tarsals, her tibia, fibula, patella, femur, and pelvis. He colored her uterus gray-blue and padded her hips with a yellow layer of fat. Then he found the brightest of reds for her muscles and blood. He gave her a backbone, ribs, a hard head and good brain. Then he wired her for feelings with circuitry for nerves. After that she got a circulatory system, plumbing and waste disposal, reproductive organs, pink genitalia, sharp finger nails and teeth for tearing and masticating and defense. God gave her thick hair, and a fine complexion of silky skin. He made her as perfect as was possible under the circumstances.

Adam, knowing just a bit too much about her insides, her anatomy, her machinery, was overwhelmed and would have nothing to do with her. Maybe it was because she was too mortal, too visible, too transparent or complicated. Maybe she was too much his equal, too much a match for his games. Maybe she reminded him too much of himself, of what he too was made.

Whatever the reason, he could not love her or touch her.

His first wife had run off to consort with demons and had spawned monsters from her pleasures.

This second wife was just a bit too human for his tastes. He needed to know less, to have some room for illusion, some space to forget that he too was made from dust, piss, shit, and miracle.

God then took pity on Adam and made for him a hooker with fine breasts who always laughed at his jokes.

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