Thursday, March 2, 2017

Open Ground

I have not been here before. That's the point, I guess. What I am talking about is the writing. This is uncharted territory, unbroken snow; mine are fresh tracks. I see how I could stay comfortable and write about something a bit gloomy and suggestive, like "No Man's Land," but that would not be completely honest, would be kidding myself and duping readers. I confess that I have taken the easier path with my writing, tried to wring blood out of a safe turnip. Sorry. I don't know if I can deliver on this new stuff, or if I will even make it out of this latest quest, but it's where things are at. I roll the dice and wait for the next move. If luck will let me, I might just put together a string of words worth leaving behind when it's time to check out.

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