Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Upping the Ante

The next dance has taken on more urgency. It seemed that the night would go on and on and that time would graciously let me dawdle until the moment felt "right." Well the moment doesn't quite feel right, but the lights are going dim. It's about closing time and I'm still sitting here waiting for someone else to step up and make a move. My beloved doesn't even know that I am here, fixated on her from a safe distance. She's been dancing with the bold ones. I can't blame her. She's doing what she has to do. How can I move when I'm stuck here, sitting on my hands? Time to put the chips on the table, bet the farm, see where the marble lands. Better to hear no after joining the game than to still be sitting here when the lights go out and the final tally is taken.

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