Friday, March 3, 2017

Taking Up Residence

The place is empty, and you stand there with nothing but the clothes you walked in with. You don't mind because the space is what you want. That little part of you that wanted to just give up and fade away has quieted. The other part, pretty young still, wants to dance within the bare walls while trailing a ritual smudge of sage to purify the new digs. It's the emptiness you crave, the what-might-be, waiting there to be written. Light and happy for once, you let the story begin to tell you. It doesn't matter any more, really. The world will keep spinning even as you let it go, let yourself be carried by the currents that have nowhere to go but here, no mind for anything beyond movement, beyond change. You might want to back out, return to what you used to know as true, but you hold on. You remember to practice, to polish your lenses so that you see more clearly that place you want to be, that peace you want to know.

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