Monday, April 24, 2017

First Freakin' Hundred

Words, that is. They are the hardest. After them, writing has usually taken on some self-perpetuating momentum that carries it forward. Those first ones, though, you have to overcome inertia, you know the object at rest thing, to get it up and running. Something out of nothing, or putting together what's there waiting to be said. Now Rachel Carson was good at that. She pointed to how we humans are actually part of nature. We're animals you know. Out of her work, we got things like the Environmental Protection Agency and regulations about how much poison we can pour onto the food we eat. Yes, we eat food, food grown on soil, soil that is part of, you know, nature, the environment. Well, the other side is having his hundred too, days that is. He's out to dissolve the work of decades, to get rid of the EPA, the NEA, and anything standing in the way of corporations cutting their way to the nearest bottom line. Well, the first hundred has been pretty rough, I gotta say. But there is rustling in the bushes and some of us animals are getting pissed. You can get a lot done in a hundred, and ours begins now.

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