Friday, April 14, 2017

True Story

A bundle of matter organized somehow into cells that operated together as an organism formed a thing called a thought. That thought led to a series of electrical and chemical messages that prompted muscles to coordinate with one another in a series of orchestrated contractions to bend this guy's knee in a way that made it possible for him to defy gravity and get his ass out of bed. Once standing, balance became more of in issue than it had been in his younger days, but with the light of a headlamp he made his way in the dark down a hallway where he eventually and hygenically drained his bladder. Around him swirled the energy of what some might call angels. He swatted at them thinking they wanted his blood and thought about food and sex. Back up, he made his way to a chair where he invited the future to help him enter what lunatics call a miracle of a day. To one side of him sat a little imp that said no while on the other a voice said just imagine. He realized then that it was up to him and he pulled the ineffable gap between darkness and light up close in a terrified embrace.

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