Thursday, April 27, 2017

How It Works

Something pops out of joint and your sleepy stumbling habits hit a wall. Now you can just stop there and curl up in slug-a-bed safety. Or you can say Huh, didn't see that coming and begin the journey into your secrets. You will have to follow the thread leading to what needs to be said. There you must face the dragon. In the heat of battle, you will be wounded, but if you are resourceful and true you will find a way around and through. You will then be lead onto a ledge overlooking the precipice of never imagined. At this point you pull the compass from your desires and cobble together the incantation that will lead you to your forgotten promises, your gift that was inscribed on a stone that was long ago flipped over, the truth of them hidden from you. It is the words that you want, what you must hold close, wrap in sacred cloth. Carry them with you always and leap into the unknowable. The dragon, now awake, has caught your scent, is coming to reclaim what he has stolen from you, and you need to stay one step ahead as you make your way into a joy that infuses you with fearlessness, even in the face of death. You have been broken, but somehow, miraculously, you have what you need to keep moving, to keep the glowing embers you carry from going cold.

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