Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Others See

What you think, believe, fear, love, or possess is not what they see, really. Oh, they might like that you and they share some story about god or cars or who the bad guys are. That way you can sit around a campfire and bullshit your way into a drunken oblivion thinking that, yes, you have figured it out. Nothing wrong with that. But it's not what they see and embrace about you. What they see, how you appear to them, grows out of what you actually do. It is the actions you take, particularly those actions in the service of others, actions that serve to fulfill your social contract with brothers and sisters who need what you have to offer, and the effectiveness of those actual accomplishments that grows a picture of you in the minds of others. Your character, ultimately, will be judged by how you lifted others while here on your path taking care of yourself. So, if you ask why it is that you are not seen the way you want to be seen, look to your actions, and what holds you back from taking the steps that you know you want to take. Look to your community to see what needs doing and then to your fears and selfishness that keep you from doing it. Meet those demons and jump the barriers that keep you from chasing your dreams of connection. Once you are a being in motion toward something bigger than yourself, they will see who you really are.

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