Tuesday, January 12, 2016


For hire: one aging teacher. A bit long in the tooth, but young at heart. Will write tirelessly in search of the just the right phrase. Too much experience for most cookie-cutter curricula. Romantic to distress. Tends to love language and teaching too much for his own good. Can record sunrises, but will conk out right after sunset. Tends to brood on his demons. Has nasty habit of riding bikes early and often. Trainable in technology, but prefers face-to-face workshopping as a way to improve student expression. Won't impress many with his fashion statements. Is hopeless when it comes to marketing or self-promotion or branding anything. Can be found driving a salvaged pick-up truck down by the dry river. Might be playing guitar or drawing a lizard. You'll know him by his lack of political prowess, graying beard, and inability to get with the program. He will likely be at some fork in the path or need to decide something, paused, considering all the options. He's the introvert who stammers when asked a question or provoked to return a greeting. He is more at home with coyotes and conversations with God than a computer, but he is still capable, stronger than most his age, can wax philosophical. He will work for cheap and try to make whatever he does beautiful. 

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