Thursday, January 7, 2016

Total Loss

It has been a bumpy start to the new year.

My truck was stolen an deemed a total loss; a friend is homeless and staying with me; work requires that I assemble new curriculum; my butt is sagging; the stock market is tanking; everything is more expensive; my wages are stagnant. And on and on.

Once I get past the pity party, it looks like I'll have quite a ride.

I get to let things go this year. I plan to leave my job, get rid of stuff, and start living the next chapter of my life, whatever that is.

All of this will be easier if I am stripped of the old, familiar stuff early on.

Truck, money, work, and all the identity that goes with being the gainfully employed teacher commuter all will soon be gone.

It looks like it's time to make up a new identity, one that doesn't see or hear as well, is a bit fuzzy mentally, and has to get creative with income.

Ah, the price of freedom.

Buckle up, Spike. It's going to get interesting. 

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