Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just Keep Moving

Yes, the straps cut a crease of pain into your shoulders, and you have blisters and you want to lay it all down and rest. But you know that if you stop now you will never get back up, never keep moving toward that unattainable possible. There is a something up there that takes greater shape with every step you take toward it. It is the voice you heard as a child, the one that you thought you would never lose, and then, one day, it was just gone. But now, after long years, you are getting close, have found the path that will take you there. It is hard walking. What little strength you still possess after all the work keeping food on the table may not be enough to sustain you now. The light of you is fading. Now is the time; this is what counts most. You have to move in spite of the pain, the voices whining and nagging you to stop. Just one step at a time. Lift your pen. Put down one word, then another. Let them reveal that beautiful stone you dropped so many years ago.

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