Friday, February 24, 2017

Those Who Have

The walls are high and the gates well guarded. If you are born inside you are lucky. Outside and you are fated to scramble if you want what those inside have. They have made the rules and those rules don't care what you think or feel or whether or not you are hungry. They are quick and will steal your last nickel if you let them, even if you don't let them. With high balls and patent leather shoes they are clinking glasses around the barbeque as they discuss the finer points of golf on artificial turf. You just want a chance. They will laugh in your face if you ask, but will let you watch all the TV you want. And TV shows them at their best, making you believe that, yes, they are deserving and blessed. You can turn away and begin to think your own thoughts, but that is lonely and hard and they will find you out, will see the fire in your eyes, and come searching for you because, yes, now you have become dangerous and a little free. You will have to learn to be hungry, to trust yourself, and to keep moving. The leanness of you is terrifying to them because they have grown fat on fear, lies, and greed. You may be the one in a million who can stay the course but the way will ask much. You have to find the others in order to be seen for who you might become. 

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