Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Truth of It

It was the enormity of the desires that brought them together and tore them apart. The desire for companionship, comfort, sex, help -- help in this grinding chaos of a life, help to just get through it, drew them to try, to commit. But then the desires of one began to pull at, and draw from, those of the other. He wanted to be left alone, to brood, to create. She wanted to travel. He gave in, only to find himself starving for what he needed as a result of following her. They each gave more than they could afford to give and the love drew down, like a reservoir in drought. They fought for the pain of it. He began to see her as punishing an critical. She saw him as hostile, snuffing out her dreams like you would extinguish the light of a candle. She could never understand what he needed, but tried, always giving him the wrong things.  The wounds festered and they both grew cold, shackled as they were by the promise of something better than being alone.

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