Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mild Impairment

The bread crumbs mark the trail, but where that trail leads leads is still an unsolved case for which the jury is out, or not yet convened. A symptom here, a genetic result there, a forgotten movie, book title, name of colleague. The missed appointments pile up like leaves blown against a fence. The MRI says you have mild atrophy up there in the bell tower, the cerebellum, the cerebrum, the gray place of not much celebration. Things are less bright. No need to panic. Wouldn't do any good anyway. But don't make promises you might not be able to keep, or sign contracts you might not be able to fulfill. Cognition or incognition: that is the question. Keep your eyes open for the next clue on this little scavenger hunt. The next bread crumb might be the one that lights the way, might be the one that tips the scales toward a future as foggy as your frost-covered windshield.


  1. Your writing leads the path to a place I'd rather not see. Thanks for helping me be fully aware.

    1. Thanks Brett -- Things are pretty raw for sure. One step at a time. Gotta soak up the days, the love, the sweet desert sunrise.